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Building Generational Wealth and Strengthening Communities by Securing and Preserving Property Rights.

Heirs Property is the untold story of
blight and generational poverty in Georgia.

Georgia Heirs Property Law Center is a not-for-profit law firm that helps heirs property owners, nonprofits, and municipalities remediate fractured title, increase equity, and transfer wealth to the next generation through title clearing, wills creation, estate planning, and facilitating access to government, private sector, and nonprofit land management/home improvement programs. The Center has served Georgia since 2015. Staff work throughout the state with targeted outreach in Atlanta and southwest Georgia.






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USDA Forest Service and UGA-Carl Vinson Researchers identified 38,120 acres as probable heirs property in 10 non-metro Georgia Counties. This is 11% to 25% of the total acres within these counties with a total tax appraised value of over two billion dollars ($2,148,951,361), equity that can’t be used.


What We Do.

Legal Support

Georgia Heirs Property Law Center provides legal support for families, individuals, nonprofits and municipalities. Legal services for heirs property include title audits, title clearing and remediation of fractured titles.

Land Loss Prevention

In an effort to slow down land loss and secure property assests, Georgia Heirs Property Law Center offers legal and mediation counsel, develops estate plans, prepares last wills and testaments, and engages in financial planning.

Asset Education

Georgia Heirs Property Law Center provides financial training and asset education on home and land ownership as a means to grow assets for the next generation. The Center also engages nonprofit and governmental partners to help clients develop land/timber management plans, create conservation easements, qualify for USDA Farm and Home programs, leverage home rehab and restoration programs, and develop working relationships with each of our partners.

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