Georgia Heirs Property Law Center

Apply for Assistance

The Center helps low and moderate-income heirs property owners with title clearing and estate planning services. The Center works throughout Georgia but, due to limited resources, cannot accept every case. The Center selects cases based on geographic area (with priority given to potential clients with properties in Atlanta and Southwest Georgia), the strength of potential client's legal position, the public interest in pursuing the claims, and current caseloads. The Center’s services are either free or discounted depending on a client's qualifications. 

To apply for assistance, contact the Center at (706) 424-7557, Ext. 1 for an initial telephone interview.

To fully evaluate your case for representation and best serve you, please plan to provide the following documents:


Upon receiving all requested information and documents, the Center will review your matter and make an initial determination regarding whether to move forward with you as a “Pending Applicant” and what legal fees, if any, you would be required to pay if your case is formally accepted. Pending Applicants are required to complete a family tree and detailed information worksheets within 60 days. Once the Center receives your completed family tree and information sheets, we will make a final determination regarding your case. If your case is accepted, the Center will ask you to sign an engagement agreement and begin working to resolve your heirs property issue.

Please bear in mind throughout the Intake process that the Center has not yet agreed to represent you and has not established an attorney-client relationship with you. You will only become a client if the Center formally accepts your matter and you sign an engagement agreement.