Increasing generational wealth, social justice, and community stability by securing and preserving property rights of low and moderate income Georgians.

photo by GHPLC employee

photo by GHPLC employee

Heirs Property is the untold story of blight and generational poverty in Georgia.

Heirs property refers to a home or land that passes from generation to generation without a legally designated owner resulting in ownership divided among all living descendants in a family. This unstable form of ownership limits a family’s ability to build generational wealth and hampers the efforts of nonprofits and cities to revitalize neighborhoods. Research done in 2008 found that approximately 10% of the land in Georgia is heirs property.

Georgia Heirs Property Law Center is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit law firm that helps heirs property owners, nonprofits, and municipalities remediate fractured title; increase equity; and transfer wealth to the next generation through title clearing, wills creation, estate planning, and facilitating access to government, private sector, and nonprofit land management/home improvement programs.  The Center has served Georgia since 2015. Staff work throughout the state with targeted outreach in Atlanta and southwest Georgia.

Secure Your Property Rights:

Remediate Fractured Title

  • Clear Title
  • Consolidate Ownership in Individuals or Corporate Entities

Increase Equity and Assets

  • Receive Benefits of Conservation Easements
  • Access Home Rehab and Restoration Programs
  • Develop Land/Timber Management Plans
  • Qualify for USDA Farm and Home Programs

Transfer Generational Wealth & Prevent Heirs Property

  • Develop an Estate Plan
  • Probate Wills and Estates
  • Engage in Financial Planning

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