Georgia Heirs Property Law Center

Legal Support

Legal Support for Families, Individuals, Nonprofits and Municipalities.


Services for Families and Individuals with Heirs Property

  • The Center consults with families on the status of their property and explores solutions for securing clear, marketable title.

  • The Center also provides direct legal representation to property owners to unlock the value in their heirs property by, among other things:

    • Assisting heirs with probating their deceased relatives' wills and estates.

    • Working to consolidate title with one or two heirs where:

      • All heirs agree to convey their interests to specific relative(s), or

      • Multiple heirs own the property as "joint tenants with right of survivorship" or hold life estates.

    • Creating a limited liability company or trust to hold the property in collective ownership where:

      • All heirs transfer their interests to company or trust, and

      • The company or trust has a mechanism for paying taxes and other expenses.

    • Having all heirs sign a tenancy in common agreement designating how the property can be used.

    • Having all heirs sign a power of attorney designating one family member to make decisions.


The Center, in collaboration with private attorneys and pro bono title companies, has reviewed titles for 185 tracts of land and has 115 open title clearing and estate planning matters involving properties in 38 counties with a total tax assessed value of $10.4 million.

The Center has provided legal representation and closed 198 matters. The Center has 11 pending title clearing matters where families are completing family trees and/or preliminary title searches have been ordered for properties.