Georgia Heirs Property Law Center

About Us

Generational Wealth.  Social Justice.  Community Stability.


Heirs property is the untold story behind blight and generational poverty in Atlanta and throughout Georgia. Heirs property refers to a home or land that passes from generation to generation without a legally designated owner resulting in ownership divided among all living descendants in a family. This unstable form of ownership limits a family’s ability to build generational wealth and hampers the efforts of nonprofits and cities to revitalize neighborhoods.

Recognizing the need for prevention, education, and remediation of heirs property led to the creation of the Georgia Heirs Property Law Center, Inc. The Center has served Georgia’s heirs property owners, nonprofits, and municipalities since 2015.

The Center is a not-for-profit law firm dedicated to increasing generational wealth, social justice, and community stability by securing and preserving property rights of low and moderate income Georgians. The Center’s services include title clearing, will creation, estate planning, and connecting clients with programs to increase the value of their land and homes. Staff travel throughout the state from offices in Atlanta, Athens, and Fitzgerald.


Georgia Heirs Property Center helps heirs property owners with title clearing and estate planning services. 



Quick Facts.

5 attorneys, 1 social worker, 2 community advocates, a network of pro bono volunteers and grassroots organizational partners

Serve low income families with properties in 38 Georgia counties with a collective value of more than $10.4 million

Statewide work with geographic outreach in Atlanta and Southwest Georgia

Offices in Atlanta, Athens, and Fitzgerald

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